Papa Topo

Music Video

“Sange en los Zapatos” is a music video for the spanish pop band “Papa Topo”, we directed together with the underground film director Marc Ferrer. The video was a comission by the acclaimed production company CANADA and Elefent Records and it depicts a parodic story of double appearances based on Brian De Palma’s movie “Dressed to Kill”.

Credits +

  • Production:

  • Executive Production:
    Oscar Romagosa

  • Head of Production:
    Alba Barneda

  • Direction:
    Anna Diaz (Hamill Industries) & Marc Ferrer

  • Cast:
    Nausicaa Bonnin, Cristian Herrera, Adrià Arbona

  • Cinematographer:
    Daniel Fernandez Abelló

  • Art Direction:
    Laura Velasco

  • Wardrobe:
    Cris Quer

  • Make up:
    Rubén Mármol

  • Postproduction:
    Pablo Barquín, Jetuilelle, 2013