Timelapsus. Short film

Physalia first short “Timelapsus” is an experimental work where 3D animation and photography are mixed using a motion control robot made by us.

The creation of the short, including the building of the motion control robot and the developing of its own software took 5 months. It was filmed (99,9%) using a digital reflex photo camera. The timelapse shot is a 2700 photo sequence that was taken in 4 hours (realtime) and was designed previously with a 3D software. This motion control system permitted us to produce a moving time-lapse shot from day to night without cuts, having 360º of freedom in camera rotations and any displacement across rails that we wanted ( we are currently developing a more sophisticated motion control prototype). This project brought Physalia together as a studio and set our distinct approach to projects: technological development meets motion graphics.


Direction& Animation:
Physalia (Hamill Industries, makmac)

Music & Sound Design: Alex Mediavilla “VCS”

Making Of: Marc Ambros